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Dear EELA friends:

The ongoing Russian military aggression against Ukraine in breach of international law and its serious humanitarian impact are a cause of significant concern to all of us at EELA. Many of our members have friends, family and colleagues who are directly affected by these shocking events. Our thoughts are with them and with all people in Ukraine who now see their lives and everything they possess threatened for defending their democratic system and because they want to live in peace and in freedom and under the rule of law. We are deeply concerned about this disastrous and unexpected development which will profoundly change the political landscape in Europe and beyond.

Our thoughts are, in particular, with our legal colleagues in Ukraine. EELA’s board will soon discuss opening EELA to members from European countries that are not (yet) members of the European Union. (Any change to our constitution to facilitate broader membership would of course be subject to democratic vote by EELA members in the usual way.) We do hope that we will soon be in a position to welcome members from Ukraine – perhaps as early as for our Athens 2022 conference for which we have already received over 250 registrations. Let us hope that the impressive solidarity around the World and the pressure of the new sanctions regime will help to end this war in the very near future.

We know that many of you want to help. EELA as a non-profit organization with a very specific legal purpose is not in a position to make any donations – but all of you and your firms can help. We have listed charities below in case that assists.

Please do let us know if you think EELA should do more in the current situation. We are always open to your comments and ideas.

All the best – and see you in Athens

Klaus-Stefan Hohenstatt, EELA chair

Anna Jerndorf, EELA vice chair

Please note that neither EELA nor its representatives are able to offer any checks or assurances in relation to the information provided below or to accept any responsibility regarding any donation any individual or firm may choose to make. Please do make your own enquiries as you consider appropriate.

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